What are Monsters?


Dwelling around in dark places and corners, these famous monsters can be found under your bed, in your closet or behind closed bathroom doors. But most definitely, they are surely to be found living in your head. Creeping, lurking and lying in wait, their main motive is to scare anyone who may be crossing their path. But what are monsters actually? Read on to find the answer and the meaning of monsters in this article.


The word monster is derived from the Latin word "monstrum", which in literal terms means omen. These famous monsters are often described as a character that is morally evil, sadistic, uncaring and larger than humans. The definition of monsters in the dictionary depicts it as an imaginary or legendary creature, having a strange or frightening appearance. It may often combine parts from various animal or human forms.

It is a creature with an evil mind with structural defects or deformities physically, which inspires horror or disgust.


Whether real or imaginary, these famous monsters are abnormal with deformed body parts which are frightening to look at. The skin may be patchy with multi-colored polka dots, or with large hairy extremities which often involve the eyes, arms or nose.

Some of these monsters have become real famous over time, because of their reputation for their fear factor capabilities and the eerie way of scaring people. Having specific unique tactics which are parallel to their own personalities, some of these famous are commonly used in films, fantasy or role-playing games. Aliens, all kinds of legendary creatures, or mutated versions of regular animals are referred to as monsters.

Sometimes the monster can be a display of God’s anger, sometimes an omen of the future, or even a symbol of moral virtue or vice. They can also occur sometimes as an accident of nature. So we can see that the monster is more than a repulsive creature of the imagination. A kind of cultural category, it is found to be employed in fields as diverse as religion, biology, literature and politics.

The famous monsters explained in this article would have surely given you a better insight on these creatures.