The Extraterrestrial Humanoids

The term humanoid, comes from English “human” and “-oid ", which means to resemble.

The term first made its appearance in 1912 to refer to fossils which were similar like a human skeleton but not identical with it. In the encyclopedia, humanoid is a hybrid term referring to fossils which are quite close to human but not strictly human. Its usage was found common in the 20th century sciences, but it is considered rare now. In this article, we will discuss the humanoid monster, a very popular subject for horror flicks.


"Humanoids from the Deep", the 1980 science fiction horror flick brought these monsters humanoids to life, scaring one and all to death. The fishing village of Noyo is literally taken over by these famous monsters. Literally terrorizing with their grotesque image,

the movie became a must see everywhere and even today remains a cult favorite.



You will see many aliens in science fiction films and television presented as humanoid.

The reason for the profusion of humanoid aliens is not explained in these science fiction films and requires suspension of disbelief. But in some movies like Star Trek, the abundance of humanoid monsters within is explained by with the story of a primordial humanoid civilization, the Ancient humanoids. These humanoids seeded the galaxy with genetically-engineered cells for giving direction to the evolution of life on a multitude of worlds toward a humanoid form.


The popular television series Stargate SG-1, the Jaffa are shown as humanoids, who are an offshoot of humanity bred by the Goa'uld to suit their intentions. Their almost-human appearance and physiology is striking. In another of its spin-off show Stargate Atlantis, the explanation of the humanoid appearance of the Wraith is based on a parasite which has incorporated human DNA into its own genome after feeding on humans.