Vampires – Truly A Global Monster

According to traditions and beliefs, vampires do not die. They are sort of un-dead, whose corpse rises from the grave at night to suck the blood of the living. But at dawn, it must go back to its grave at dawn.


The legend of the vampire can be traced back to1047 to a document about a Russian Prince as the Wicked Vampire. Many years later, accounts of vampire-like beings in England are mentioned in Walter Map's De Nagis Curialium. In the 1700s, perhaps fueled by disease and ignorance, waves of vampire frenzy were seen sweeping through Prussia and Hungary. It is believed that criminals, babies born with teeth, excommunicated people, unbaptized children, criminals, witches and magicians can all become vampires. Some interesting stories on female vampires have also been written about.


Vampires are often believed to have additional powers and character traits, which can be variable in different traditions. There are generally two kinds of vampires – blood vampires and energy vampires. Blood vampires feed on blood are commonly known as "sangs," "sanguinarians," "sanguines, or " "blood vamps". Energy vampires feed on energy directly, sensing and manipulating it to fulfill their needs.


Perhaps Count Dracula vampire is the most famous vampire of all times. Countless movies, books and novel have been written around this vampire. The novel "Dracula" written by Bram Stoker is a very well known book, giving birth to the legend of the famous Count Dracula. The name Dracula is drawn from a Romanian word that means "devil" or dragon."


The vampire, as is seen is truly a global creature, coming out of every corner around the world. They are said to bite the victim's neck, and drink the blood straight form the carotid artery. According to the myths and folklore, it is believed that the vampire increases his supernatural powers by drinking human blood. The vampire prey either dies or becomes a vampire himself


Vampires are known to have a disliking for mirrors and silver. Therefore, it is common to see silver crosses or icons displayed in houses to protect against the vampire persona. A few other things that can also be helpful for protection against the vampire Dracula are: garlic, sunlight or fire, crucifix, holy water, mountain ash etc; Thorns of wild roses are also believed to keep vampires away. It is common to see poppy seeds tossed around cemeteries so that the vampire remains in his grave.


Today, the vampires have been firmly set up into our modern culture by Hollywood movies, television and highly popular novels of Anne Rice and others. People can’t seem to have enough of them. But are there real vampires? Let’s leave these famous monsters to your imagination.