The Boogieman Is Coming

Boogieman, also spelt as bogeyman, boogyman, bogyman, boogieman, boogey monster, is a legendary ghost-like monster. Having no precise appearance and conceptions like the other famous monsters, the Boogie man can change significantly even from house to house, within the same community, led on by the imagination of a child or a person. He is just a formless personification of terror.


Boogie monster can be used figuratively to indicate a person or thing of which someone has an unreasonable fear. Parents are often heard telling their naughty child of a Boogieman hiding under his bed or in his bathroom, all in an effort to make them behave.


The bogeyman legend is believed to originate from Scotland. These famous monsters are

 sometimes called bogles, boggarts, or boggers. The word bogey is drawn from the Middle English bogge/bugge. The word Boogie man can also be linked to many similar words in other European languages: boeman (Dutch), buse (Nynorsk), bøhmand (Danish), pookha (Irish Gaelic), pwca, (Welsh) etc;


The Boogie monster and the stories related to them can vary by region or within the same community too. The bogeyman can be a male or a female, and in others cases, even both. In some parts of the world, boogyman can scratch your window at night, maybe manifest in a "green fog" or hide in his favorite places like closets or under the bed, behind the bathroom doors. It is also believed that a wart can be transmitted to someone by the bogeyman. He can also punish children who suck their thumbs or for any general misbehavior.


To conclude, we can see that the bogyman or the boogey monster is a legendary fictional creature, feared by just anyone. Although his looks aren't really known, but nevertheless, he manages to scare the daylight out of anybody.