Jersey Devil
A frightening creature Jersey Devil is said to appear in the dense pine barrens of New Jersey. Its scary appearance has earned it the name of The Jersey Devil. Looked upon as an omen of disaster or war, researchers claim to have more than 2,000 witnesses have reported seeing the creature over the centuries.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon
This fictional monster born in 1954 is considered a classic. A scientific expedition team encounters a dangerous humanoid amphibious-fish creature also known as the "Gill Man" who kills the male members of the group.

Ghoulie Bagger
Donning a dark hooded cape, this fictional ghoulish-ghost carries around a burlap sack used for picking up naughty children. Besides hauling the children away to the Creepsylvania burial grounds, he is also known to rob graves as needed. Children are deeply afraid of his very existence.

Known by many other names, it is yet to be proved that it exists, as it has not been captured - dead or alive. But a lot of good circumstantial proof exists in the form of quite a large number of eyewitness records, hair samples, footprints, and less convincing, photos. But it would be wrong to deny its existence altogether, only that the stories about Bigfoot have very little or no evidence to back them up.

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