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Famous Monsters

Our fascination with strange, weird and scary creatures has kept monsters alive in our psyche for hundreds of years. These famous monsters have a fascinating quality that has kept us intrigued and hanging on to the edge of our seats just to see what they will do next.


Don’t search any further if you are looking for best information on world famous monsters. For here, you will get all the details relating to the famous monsters of film land - Dracula/Vampires, Frankstein Monster, mummy, werewolf, Witches, Boogieman, Humanoids, Godzilla,         Loch Ness Monster and many more. You name it and you will find the famous monster you are looking for here.


These well known monsters are indeed a powerful force and a mystery to mankind. And our need for these creatures to exist, keeps our imagination open to all kind of possibilities that these famous monsters of the night just might do as they walk, fly, crawl and live with us.

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